X Cut, the compact single-layer cutter - the alternative to complex systems. The best value for money on the market. Saves space and time. Compact design for rapid installation and implementation in the smallest possible space. Ready-to-use quick-change tooling system offers unlimited flexibility. Highest cutting accuracy - repeatability up to 0.1 mm, acceleration up to 2G and speed up to 120 m/min - 2m/s - makes this single layer system one of the fastest on the market.

Key benefits

  • Attractive price
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Quick-change tool system
  • Acceleration up to 2G and cutting speed up to 120 m/min - 2m/s
  • High cutting accuracy, repeatability to 0.1 mm
  • Simple design, easy to install and implement
  • Vacuum pump with low power consumption
  • Conveyor belt enables automatic material transportation directly from the roll

For who

Upholstery manufacturers, clothing industry, automotive industry, technical textile and composite processing, graphic industry and many others.


Woven and non-woven technical textiles, composites, sheet materials, rubber, a wide range of synthetic materials and much more.


The X Cut is available in one standard size, with a working area of 1600 by 2000 mm. In the simplest versions, the system is supplied ready to use, simply plugged in. Thanks to the simple configuration, lead times are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Connection parameters (with cutting window dimensions 1600x2000 mm)

Connection parameters (with cutting window dimensions 1800x2000 mm)
Total maximum power consumption 12 kW
Protection 3 x 32A
Cross section of electric cable 5x6 qmm
Compressed air 6 bar, 50-300l/m

Solutions offered as standard

Total maximum energy demand 10 kW
Protection 3 x 32A
Cross section of electric cable 5x6 mm
Compressed air 6 bar, 50-300l/m

Solution offered as standard

X CUT 1620 CV (1600 x 2000)
Cutting window width: 1,600 mm
Length of cutting window: 2,000 mm
Max. cutting surface height: 880 mm +/- 40 mm
Max. cutting speed: 120
Max. acceleration: 2 g
Device for raw material unrolling.
Extension of the loading zone by 800 mm
Extension of the extraction zone by 2000 mm
V-Notch module, incl. base and V-Notch 6 mm
Electrically driven circular knife with knife adapter for Ø 32 mm