Spreading machines

Bullmer is the undisputed leader in the preparation of raw materials for the automatic cutting process. Starting with spreading machine systems, tables for spreading machines, systems for unwinding raw material on single layer cutters, up to loading elevators and automatic raw material storage. Robust design, very high process accuracy, flexibility and reliability are the inherent attributes of Bullmer spreading machines and feed systems.

Key benefits

  • Bullmer COMPACT's wide range of different systems
  • Very high spreading machine accuracy
  • The possibility to make spreading machine in different directions
  • The option of zig zag spreading machine
  • Stacked raw material can be spreading
  • Feeding of raw materials from a bar or through a spreading machine trough
  • Bagging tables on conveyor TRANSLAY and/or with blowing function
  • Loading support systems - Bullmer loading elevators
  • Bullmer TRANSROLL automatic raw material storage systems

For who

Upholstery manufacturers, apparel industry, automotive industry, technical textile and composite processing, graphic arts industry and many others.


Woven and non-woven textiles, composites, a wide range of synthetic materials and much more.