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Premiumcat ELC perfect citter for large formats

The Premiumcut ELC is the exceptional cutter for exceptional jobs. Thanks to its modular tool system, extreme robustness and the optical recognition systems MATIRX and OPTISCOUT.  The Bullmer Premiumcut ELC gets the best possible results and cutting performance. Highest cutting precision, speeds up to 120 m/min (2m/s) make this single-layer system one of the fastest on the market. The modular tool changing system makes the Cutter Premiumcut ELC conveniently and quickly adaptable to any type of production and raw material. Our Cutter is available in various working widths from 1.4 to 5m and lengths – standard to 5.2m (longer configurations possible). Premiumcut is distinguished by a very robust 2-motor drive system (gantry drive) which equals guaranteed speed and acceleration. The conveyor enables automatic transport of the material directly from the roll to the spreading machine. The target market consists mainly of upholstery manufacturers, the clothing industry, the automotive industry, processors of leather, textiles and technical composites and the graphic industry.
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