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17th edition of the fair


RemaDays Warsaw – International Advertising and Printing Trade Fair is an excellent opportunity to present absolute novelties on the Polish market. Comprehensive presentation of the latest solutions and products, a place where we exchange experiences from the industry and integrate with other suppliers. Bullmer GMBH is the undisputed leader in the field of preparing raw material for the automatic slicing process. One of the three largest suppliers of slicing automation systems. At the fair we will conduct workshops on automation of cutting processes for large format prints. The first machine we will present will be Bullmer Cutter Premiumcut ELC 3225, which offers speed, precision and time saving. It is a single-layer cutter which construction allows for cutting, notching, punching, creasing, milling, perforating or punching. The cutter is ideal for industries related to lightweight textiles, technical textiles, manufacturers of carpets, floor coverings, banners, flags, sails, PVC or mesh netting. Workshops take place daily at the Contec booth at 11:00 am.

The second novelty we will present is a UV laser from the graphics and advertising industry. This laser is successfully used in the packaging and printing industry, for the production of advertising and sports textiles and marking of plastics. Applying logos, advertising slogans and decorative elements to plastics, textiles, ceramics, glass, cans and other packaging materials becomes much easier with the G-BOS laser, which brings high efficiency, speed, quality and environmental friendliness. Workshops on UV laser marking take place daily at the Contec booth at 13:00.

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