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About Us

Contec company is a official representative of Bullmer brand of Polish market. For 25 years we have been cooperating in the field of sales of cutting, spreading machines, raw material storage and complete production lines. As an authorized Bullmer distributor we provide full support in servicing the equipment, as well as supplying original Bullmer spare parts. Our product range includes fabric cutters, leather cutters, composite cutters as well as special solutions for the advertising trade. In addition to Bullmer equipment, our portfolio also includes CAD/CAM preparation systems from the German company ASSYST.

We also specialize in manufacturing customized solutions in the field of automation of textile production processes, technical textiles, furniture upholstery, mattresses, automotive. Devices available under SEMA MACHINES brand are characterized by speed, precision and exceptional durability. All SEMA MACHINES products are manufactured in 100% in Poland.

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Spreading machines

Building machine

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    What you get working with us
    Market position
    • 30 years experience
    • Complex solutions for the processes: sewing, cutting, ironing, gluing, laminating, designing, printing
    • Cooperation with manufacturers of clothing, underwear, furniture, mattresses, footwear, car upholstery, large-format advertising, technical textiles
    • Best prices equipment and spare parts
    • Head office in the center of Poland
    • Cooperation with customers all over the word
    • 8 service technicians – guarantee of maximum rapid service response
    • Various services: emergency repais, servicing, fault diagnosis on-line, parameter setting
    • Experience workers offering suport during installation, warranty and post-warranty service
    • Constant access to original spare parts at the best prices
    • Full review history necessary to maintain ISO quality management system standards
    • Over 60 brands in the permanent offer, including Juki, Veit, Schmetz, Groz-Beckert, Velcro, Fiskars, Mundial, Efka, Eastman, Pfaff, Brother, Beckmann, Assyst, Human Solution, Algotex and others
    • In offer : sewing machines, cutting machines, ironing machines, production preparation systems, spare parts, needles, sewing accessories
    • 40 skilled workers with extensive experience
    • 2,000 m of storage space
    • In-house production of complex production automation solutions
    For 25 years
    contec logo
    have been the official representative of
    logo firmy bullmer
    brand in Poland









    Our customers are companies from the industries

    production of clothing
    and textiles

    production of car

    composite and technical




    Our Clients

    How to choose the best cutter?

    Our basic rule: quality, quality and once again quality!

    Cutters market was revolutionized  recently. New suppliers appeared. Cutter’s customers experience have changed their buying criteria. In each case it is such an expense with changing a technological  company face (automatic cutting room instead of manual, production safety depends on technique). That is why the first and the main condition is reliability. Total time of failure are analysed by customers. There is no one better than Bullmer in this competition! On the Polish market you can find Bullmer machines in they twenties and they are still working properly and making money.

    Worried about exploitation costs?

    With us you don’t have to! How to correctly cut out the unexpected costs?

    Customers pay special attention also on exploitation and service costs. German producer beats this competition. In most cases customers after the special training do not have to use the authorized service – they can make services on their own. Of course Contec, as an authorized representative, provide full support in case of customers needs and wishes. For those customers who do not have a specialized staff Contec offers service packets in special prices. Any actions are forced by technological parts wear. The rule is that we fix when it is broken. The producer does not require a periodical service from their customers.

    Want to keep abreast or one step further?

    What are the latest solutions in cutter construction?

    In the latest series of cutters Procut and Premiumcut a digital control was applied. Thanks to this machines become more accurate, faster and user friendly. The new software allows a precise parameters programming  according to type of production (machine automatically adjust its speed for the difficult parts). All of our customers appreciate a huge benefits which can be gotten by improvements of the producer e.g.: 3D scanning system, double bearing system.  -Bullmer launched a new system for cutting leather with such a new system for automatic scanning and detection of errors and system for automatic installation. Scanning and complete skin cut is made in less than 5 minutes!

    What does it look like to choose a cutter and customize it?

    More and more manufacturers are opting for an automatic cutting system. Bullmer's customers can count on their machine or production line being perfectly tailored to their needs. There is no such thing as a universal cutter. Every customer has individual needs, plans and experiences. For this reason, every Bullmer machine is built for the individual customer after a technological interview and a visit to the production plant.  There are no standard machines waiting in stock for the customer. What do we have to choose from?

    • Cutter for mass production
    • Cutter for smaller print runs
    • The fastest single layer cutter
    • Starter cutter
    • Cutter for advertising
    • Cutter for composite